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We know Tourist places in Bangladesh best! While our roots may have been planted as an inbound and outbound travel company in Bangladesh tourism, we were established as a respective package tour operator in Bangladesh. As we are working as tourist guide in Bangladesh since 2014, we are known as the best Bangladesh travel agency for providing flexible travel solutions. We pride ourselves on being progressive and innovative. Bangladesh tours considered the best tourism company in Bangladesh by all of our respective tourists.
As a tour guide in Bangladesh , we offer creative, competitive and superior quality holiday packages in Bangladesh to the independent traveler, whether family tour or in a custom group. All of our Bangladesh tourism packages are customize-able to suit our clients' needs and preferences.
At Fusion Tourism Bangladesh, we understand the needs of our clients and view of Tourist places in Bangladesh from an international perspective with the insight of a local. We know what things to do in Bangladesh or what sights and experiences our clients are expecting when they come to Bangladesh. We provide those 'once-in-a-lifetime' experiences that truly make your Bangladesh tours memorable for all Bangladesh tourist spots.
We love Bangladesh. We live, breathe and dream Bangladesh! We know better tourist places in Bangladesh. Our enthusiastic Designers are not only experienced for important tourist places of Bangladesh, they regularly travel throughout Bangladesh famous places to gain first-hand knowledge as Bangladesh travel guide; always exploring new regions, looking for new and unique product and inspecting our existing product to ensure everything is up to our admittedly high standards. We are always ready to provide of our clients to enjoy Bangladesh tour.


Work activities

Bangladesh Wonder Of Asia
  • Designing and developing a tour.
  • Determining an itinerary, arranging for tour escorts.
  • Assisting the overseas tour operating partner company in developing brochure content and marketing programs
  • Making travel and accommodation reservations.
  • Offering face to face and telephone advice to customers.
  • Quoting holidays and converting these to bookings.
  • Maximizing sales and customer holiday experience by suggesting upgrades.
  • Offering excellent customer service, dealing with complaints in a calm and diplomatic manner.
  • Keeping product and brand knowledge up to date whilst having in-depth knowledge of the company's brochures and destinations.
  • Working to sales targets