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Wetland/Haor-Baikka Beel


Baikka beel is another bird sanctuary of Srimongol tour in Sylhet tourist place. It is on the eastern part of the Hail haor. Hail haor is a large wetland encompassing about 100 hectares. It is about 20km from the Srimangal town. Baikka beel(wetland) was declared to be a sanctuary for fishes in 2003.Baikka beel (wetland) is located in an area of great natural beauty. The widespread empty wetland near it is simply amazing. The beautiful scenario stretching over miles creates an unbelievable feeling. You can see the blue horizon meeting the blue haor water here.;This wetland is the living place of numerous birds and fishes. From the time you enter the haor area you will be engrossed by the sweet chirping of various birds. Moorhans, marsh harriers, teals, ducks and many other birds are seen here. If you are a bird watcher you will be very delighted;There is a watchtower about 2 stories height to provide a better view of the landscape. The beel area isn’t only beautiful because of these birds but also for the beautiful lilies, lotus and many other unknown aquatic flowers and plants. While riding a boat you will find yourself surrounded by large leafy lilies. Much of the water is usually covered with the flowers in their blooming season.;The best time of visit should be very early in the morning, starting from sunrise to two hours after that. Another preferable time will be in the afternoon before sunset.Although there is no specific duration of entering the area or climbing the watch tower but this two specific times will enable you to enjoy the best Sylhet tourism guide.Visiting Baikka Beel(wetland) is considering also Boat trip in Bangladesh, Migratory Birds in Bangladesh and Photography Bangladesh. Many tourists enjoy the Sunset view of Baikka Beel(wetland) in Sylhet tourist attractions.